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Orange Dragon Face in Acrylic by kareokelidescope Orange Dragon Face in Acrylic :iconkareokelidescope:kareokelidescope 5 0 Tiberius's Final Farewell by kareokelidescope Tiberius's Final Farewell :iconkareokelidescope:kareokelidescope 1 0 Celtic Dragon by kareokelidescope Celtic Dragon :iconkareokelidescope:kareokelidescope 1 0
Flights of Fancy - A Field Guide
The Straithconian Race:

A Field Guide

-General planet information
            Straithconia is slightly smaller than Earth and much more of it's surface is covered with water and dotted with thousands of large and small islands. A great majority of the creatures on the planet are either swimming or flying. Much of the planet's oceans are filled with plantlife so there is more oxygen in the atmosphere than Earth. The sun in Straithconia's solar system is smaller than ours, thus the light isn't quite as bright during the day, but it is still quite warm in most parts of the planet. The sky is a violet colour and instead of green, many of the plants are shades of red and orange.
            Several hundred million years in the past of the planet Straithconia, the ocean was much larger and the sea level was very h
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 13.5 and Chapter 14
Chapter 13.5
            Early the following morning, the bell in the Town Hall's tower rang out through the town; calling any and all residents to an emergency assembly. As a gesture to the Straithconians who had been dubbed 'guests of honour' within the town of Riverlark, Mayor Whitman had decreed that the Pre-Fall Festival would take place before the Straiths leave for their home planet. It would still be more than a day before the Hyperspace ship would be able to safely travel to Straithconia with its cargo of homeward-bound Straiths. The two Straiths in the town's prison actually refused to leave the cell even when the door was left open. Etho had explained that they felt more freedom and safety in that cell than they ever did while in Dalton's possession. The shock collars were part of their breaking process and prevented them from expressing any emotion such as pity or fea
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 13
Chapter 13
            Kale felt the shuttle start to descend, indicating they were near their destination. Once it landed, Ulysses announced to the Straith refugees that the humans would be guiding them from now on. The doors opened and a few hangar workers greeted Luclin. According to them, Luclin's shuttle is the first of three to arrive; the other two were still en route with their own cargo of Straithconian refugees from the other prison compounds. Some other workers of the facility came into the shuttle and began guiding the Straiths out of the shuttle and into a special entrance to the building. Luclin guided Kale to different entrance while informing him that those who were willing, would be tended to by the caretakers. If the Straiths chose, they would be bathed and have their wings stitched back together so they would heal. Ulysses stayed with the refugees as Kale followed Luc
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Wounded Wings - 12
Chapter 12
            Once the soldiers of the Military Police and the town guards had arrested Dalton's men, collected the deceased doctor and and secured their airship that had landed just outside town, Captain Soune's colleague Colonel Luclin introduced himself to Kale and Clara. Luclin was a tall stocky man with a glasses, a black goatee and a gruff voice. It was Luclin to whom Soune had sent the information from the crashed airship in hopes that they would gain insight to the locations of Wraith's prisons. One of their decoding specialists was also in the midst of deciphering the database in Dalton's ship. The two Straiths that had been under his control were now being held in the town prison and had been huddled together timidly ever since they woke up after having the collars removed.
            Luclin's ship had landed in the fi
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Wounded Wings - 11
Chapter 11
            Kale ran towards the door. “What are you doing?” Etho asked nervously.
            “I need to get to Capt. Soune,” he said. “We're going to take him down.”
            “You're crazy!” Etho argued. “You don't know what he's capable of.”
            “You don't what we're capable of,” Kale said. “You didn't even know Soune was military until after you came to your senses.” Etho conceded he was right. Kale then stepped up close to Etho and a pointed a finger at his chest. “... and you don't know what you're capable of. You're stronger than this.” With that, Kale ran out the door.
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 10
Chapter 10
            Clara was sure to get up promptly the next day. Today was going to be eventful to say the least. Professor Wyndstone would be arriving within a couple of hours. According to Dr. Gazz he had arrived at the Capital and was waiting on a train to take him to a station in the town next to Riverlark. Dr. Gazz also returned to Corvin to see his progress on his project where Lance informed him he was sleeping. Corvin had worked through the night to complete the pair of mechanical wings tasked to him and they were impressive to say the least. There was a complex system of thin cables and tiny pulleys connected to each moving part to simulate muscle and tendon. Each cable was meant to bond to Etho's own muscles. The ball-and-socket system was stainless steel and meant to connect directly to Etho's skeleton with use of a latex polymer designed to seal the bond between skin and
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 9
Chapter 9
            With the one copy of Professor Wyndstone's Field Guide still in the woods, likely covered in blood, Dr. Gazz had to look for his contact information online. Even out here, there was wi-fi coverage since it became mandatory for most communication companies to have world-wide coverage. After some careful searching, Dr. Gazz finally found a promising phone number. He wasn't expecting Professor Wyndstone to answer. The Guide was written a few years ago and little public activity has been seen from him since. He dialled the number anyway. After a few ringtones, it was starting to look like he wouldn't answer, but just as Gazz was about hang up, there was a beep and a voice. “Hello?” Came an accented answer. “Can I help you?”
            Dr. Gazz was suddenly flustered that he actually got an answer.
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 8
Chapter 8

            Clara's nap turned into a full night's sleep. She awoke with a start when she heard knocking on her bedroom door. She opened it to see Kale and Jilly there. “You might want want to come back to the prison,” Kale said.
            Clara changed into some fresh clothes and headed out the door. As she did, she saw Jilly picking up and moving some wooden boxes in the side yard. “What are you doing?” She asked her little sister.
            “Trying to find Duchess,” she answered. Duchess was Jilly's farm cat. “She didn't come to eat this morning.”
            “I'll help you look in a little while,” she said as she headed for the jail. Kale was standing guard outside the door to
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 7
Chapter 7
            “Damien Dalton,” Captain Soune said as he pulled up a profile of a stocky, bearded middle-aged man on his computer. Kale and Clara were visiting his suite at the guesthouse. “Probably not his real name, but the the military police been looking for him for almost five years now. He founded Wraith about two years ago after human trafficking just wasn't cutting it for him and has been the bane of the Straithconian race ever since he pirated Hyperspace technology. He and his crew developed some kind of jamming tech to keep us from tracking them and every time our guys crack it, they change it up.”
            “What does he do with them?” Clara asked, referring to Straiths captured by Wraith. Kale had already told her they were sold into slavery, but she wanted to know more.
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 6
Chapter 6
            Kale had chased Clara until he reached an unfamiliar area of the hills and had lost his way. It was still a bit too dark to see his surroundings clearly. He could hear the sound of an airship some distance away and it took precious time for Kale to navigate his way through the foothills. He found another bare stone path and started running towards the sound. Unfortunately, he didn't anticipate a gloved fist striking him squarely in the jaw, which knocked him flat onto his back. Dazed, he groaned and rubbed his now painfully throbbing jaw while trying to focus on a dark figure standing over him.
            “Where are you going, soldier-boy?” That was an uncomfortably familiar voice. It was Etho. Kale scrambled to his feet and pointed his shotgun at the thin intruder.
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 5
Chapter 5


            It was well into the night by the time she was finally getting tired. She had read through Professor Wyndstone's field guide several times and Ulysses had eaten his fill and was now resting peacefully. A proper meal meant his body would heal faster. That peace didn't last long, though. They were startled by the distinct sound of an aggravated bear not far from where they were. A few seconds later they could hear it crashing through the woods towards them. They stood up and backed away from the edge of the trees where the sound was coming from, but the bear had already emerged. Something must have set it off to made it angry like this. Usually if someone encountered a bear it would just try intimidate them, but not directly attack them. This bear was actually intent on causing harm.
            Ulysses stood in fro
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Doctor, my Doctor
            The following morning, Clara awoke early. Despite her confrontation with Kale, she had actually slept decently that night. The town's physician, Dr. Gazz usually did not open his office until late morning, so she carried on with her farm chores as usual. At one point, her sister Jilly asked why she'd been so absent lately and if that 'stray dog' was really that important. Clara was hard-pressed to speak of Ulysses without letting on he was not a dog. She said he was a beautiful and strong-looking dog and she really wanted to help it get better and maybe find its proper home. When Jilly asked if she could see it, Clara said it would be better if as few people as possible came too close to it and that she was only going to ask Dr. Gazz to help her fix a broken leg. Jilly was disheartened, she but conceded when Clara said that maybe when the 'dog' was better,
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Wounded Wings - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
            The next morning felt like a dream in itself. She managed to do her daily chores like any other day, but her lack of a proper sleep had taken its toll. Her little sister and her horse caretaker asked on a number of occasions if she was okay when they noticed her either dozing off or staring off into space. At the end of the day she barely remembered what she did that day and the curious gazes from her sister and farmhand made her feel bad for being so preoccupied with her secret.
            She returned to the butcher that evening and in exchange from some vegetables she picked that day, she acquired some cooked chicken breast. As she was leaving, Kale came up to her and attempted to engage her in conversation concerning his ongoing training. She could barely maintain eye contact due being so tired. She gave him the 'stray
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Humminggriffin by AlviaAlcedo Humminggriffin :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,724 76 Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships by DirkLoechel Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships :icondirkloechel:DirkLoechel 36,815 8,725 Yell - 2 by M47R1X Yell - 2 :iconm47r1x:M47R1X 39 31 Bright prospects by eReSaW Bright prospects :iconeresaw:eReSaW 27 9 So Many Wyvir by hibbary So Many Wyvir :iconhibbary:hibbary 550 47 Sparkly stooof by BonkiHart Sparkly stooof :iconbonkihart:BonkiHart 739 722 Example Witara by hibbary Example Witara :iconhibbary:hibbary 2,280 88 Glowing by griffsnuff Glowing :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 3,042 201 Gunslinger Engineer Cosplay by Bat-chan Gunslinger Engineer Cosplay :iconbat-chan:Bat-chan 98 26 A dozen Khirin by hibbary A dozen Khirin :iconhibbary:hibbary 2,163 226 Moment of silence by AlviaAlcedo Moment of silence :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 5,024 505 Hot Fury by KatieHofgard Hot Fury :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,305 38 Ayalar by hibbary Ayalar :iconhibbary:hibbary 481 57 Element Wolves by yuumei Element Wolves :iconyuumei:yuumei 35,460 3,218 5 Commonly Made Mistakes by LhuneArt 5 Commonly Made Mistakes :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 3,669 659 Race by LhuneArt Race :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 912 59



Orange Dragon Face in Acrylic
Acrylic and craft tissue paper on canvas. Took about a week with an hour here and there. I was sick at the time, so it was hard to do very much in one sitting.
Also posted to Imgur:
Tiberius's Final Farewell
Tiberius Stormwind. Beloved Dragonborn Sorcerer prepares to leave the world of Critical Role and begin a new life among his people in Draconia as a Draconian Knights.
Check out both Critical Role at…
and Draconian Knights with Orion Acaba at…


Not much to tell about me. I like to draw, paint, watch movies, and play video games.
As of late, I am a retired member of a group of Minecraft Youtubers. It was called Blockvillville and it was great. Now, I spend most of my spare time on as Aurora_1983.
I have a variety of subjects in my gallery, including Sonic fanart, clay and beaded jewellery and sculptures, Warhammer models, and fantasy drawings. The Minecraft art is relatively new, but some of the jewellery and sculptures are rather old (ie. 10 years+). My most recent addition is the short novel Wounded Wings. It's my first completed original story ever so it isn't particularly impressive, but I'm proud of it nonetheless.

Current Residence: The North
deviantWEAR sizing preference: m
Favourite genre of music: Various
Favourite style of art: fantasy, space, fractal
Operating System: Win 7 Pro
MP3 player of choice: my phone
Wallpaper of choice: changes often
Skin of choice: I like my own skin
Favourite cartoon character: Envy (Full Metal Alchemist)
Personal Quote: What?
So it begins. It's come to my attention and some people on twitter have attempted to pass off my Bashur artwork as their own and even contested me when I said I had proof it was mine. I've put watermarks on many of my newer artwork in an attempt to deter further theft. So if you see my artwork that is of poor quality or oddly cropped to remove my logo, then it was likely stolen.


:iconbonkihart: :iconannmariebone: :iconnovawuff: :iconalviaalcedo: :iconneondragon: :iconhibbary: :iconantarctica246: :iconkaypikefashion: :iconevanstanley: :iconred-izak: :iconwolfbone:


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